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Order/Disorder: Belonging in Nature Exhibition

Where and When

Sat, 10 Feb 2024 - Sun, 26 May 2024


780 Prospect Street



La Jolla Historical Society presents the exhibition Order/Disorder: Belonging in Nature, curated by Danielle Deery. The exhibition explores the natural wonders in La Jolla as a form of living history and wellspring of inspiration for artists, scientists and naturalists. It explores the dynamic relationship between humanity and nature while speaking to a range of timely concerns such as climate change and ocean sustainability. Featured artists Kline Swonger, Britton Neubacher, Oscar Romo, Annalise Neil, and Courtney Mattison explore the beauty and complexities of our natural environment through a diverse collection of sculptures, installations, and cyanotypes. Image by Annalise Neil, Saltwater Gradient Variation 1, 2023

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