Design is for everyone.

WDC 2024 is for everyone

We welcome the knowledge and creativity of our cross-border community, and invite everyone to participate in how we design a better future. Keep your finger on the pulse of all things WDC 2024 by following us on Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin and subscribing to our email newsletter.

Join our Cause: Become a volunteer and help us make a difference.

In the course of one year, WDC 2024 will feature events and projects throughout the San Diego Tijuana region — from concerts and conferences with thought leaders to interactive art installations and incredible experiences.

Get behind-the-scenes access to all this and more by volunteering with WDC 2024. We are looking for volunteers to help with:

Partnering with WDC 2024 is a way to make a positive impact in our region. 

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WDC 2024 Club

The WDC 2024 Club

The WDC 2024 Club is a dynamic and forward-thinking group established to champion the voice and aspirations of the younger generations within the framework of WDC 2024. This group serves as a vital conduit between the youthful demographic and the larger decision-making apparatus, with a specific focus on aligning the WDC 2024 initiatives with contemporary social trends and long-term generational impact.

participate in wdc2024
Participate in wdc 2024