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Together, we will collaboratively shape a brighter future. WDC 2024 eagerly anticipates hosting a full year of world-class programs, exhibits, and events, made possible by the support of our diverse community. By actively participating in this transformative endeavor, you play a vital role in advancing the San Diego Tijuana region onto the global stage as a hub for design, innovation, and impactful community engagement.

Double your impact

Prebys Foundation is matching $1 for every $1 contributed from our community, up to $1,000,000.

Double your contribution and help us reach $2 million!

The World Design Organization has consistently been a catalyst for fostering global connections since its inception. This commitment extends to the World Design Capital program, which highlights cities’ endeavors to utilize design for rejuvenation and enhancing the well-being of their inhabitants.

The WDO actively backs each World Design Capital city in crafting a comprehensive year-long agenda of events, establishing the groundwork for a lasting design heritage.