Tijuana Opening – Binational Youth Poster Exhibition by WDC 2024 Youth “Club Program”

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Where and When

Thu, 20 Jun 2024 - Thu, 20 Jun 2024 • 4:00 pm


(Tijuana) - IMAC, Galeria Urbana, Tijuana (Calle Benito Juárez 2da y Constitución s/n, Zona Centro, 22000, Tijuana, BC)


WDC 2024 Club

The binational youth poster exhibition is a heartfelt reflection of our community’s hopes and dreams. It serves as a canvas of change, providing the future generation with a platform to channel their boundless imagination through artistic expression and serve as a platform to address and resolve critical issues that affect our community. Through their poster, these young visionaries confront the pressing challenges that weigh heavily on our region



Date: Thursday, June 20th, 2024

Time: 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Location: IMAC, Galeria Urbana, Tijuana (Calle Benito Juárez 2da y Constitución s/n, Zona Centro, 22000, Tijuana, BC)



  • Arts & Culture
  • Effective Infrastructure and Placemaking
  • Equity, Social Justice, Health & Wellbeing
  • The Environment
  • Youth & Education
  • Science & Technology
  • Support the Unhoused
  • Re-Imagine the Border


Arts & Culture

Lilian Balderas Pérez

Title of Poster: I Imagine a World of Colors

Artist: Lilian Balderas Pérez

Artistic Statement: Imagination is both a valuable tool and a precious gift that life has bestowed upon us. Through it, we are able to project and shape the future according to our desires; we can conceive visions of utopias and yearn for a better world. And in this area, youth stand out as the undisputed masters of imagination, for it is they who possess the unique ability to conceive of everything from mythical creatures to a future in which differences and divisions have disappeared.

About the artist(s): Lilian Balderez Balderas Pérez, a young Mexican designer from Monterrey, Nuevo León, seamlessly integrates art and design in her studio “sopadeletras.” Excelling in Arts and Humanities at CEDART, she furthered her expertise with Graphic Design and Marketing studies at CEDIM. Since 2018, she has been involved in diverse projects, including advertising campaigns and brand design, notably creating the acclaimed digital campaign for Cerveza Jimena. She is also renowned for her visual art for local artists such as Soleth, Cookiez, and Guti Cámara. Since 2017, she has been developing the Lilibaldi illustration project, exploring various styles and mediums.

Ximena Cuétero

Title of Poster: Spaces Between Us
Artist: Ximena Cuétero Torres
Artistic Statement: Inspired by the shared traditions of both Mexico and the United States, I created a collage using copyright-free images to symbolize the potential for harmonious coexistence and the multitude of shared experiences between our cultures. The phrase also underscores the importance of bridging divides rather than perpetuating them, advocating for the continued growth and enrichment of our collective cultural heritage.
About the artist(s): Ximena Cuétero is a student of Graphic Design & Marketing at CEDIM | The School of Design, situated in Monterrey, Mexico. Since her youth, she has been impressed by the profound impact of design on society, finding inspiration in music and the ordinary aspects of life around her. Through her diverse experiences, she has cultivated leadership abilities that equip her to undertake new creative endeavors. Her passion for design transcends mere execution; she is equally fervent about the processes preceding and following its implementation. Continually seeking personal growth, she actively pursues opportunities to enhance her understanding and skills. Motivated by a genuine desire to positively impact the world, her primary aim is to serve others. She possesses a deep fascination with comprehending the intricacies of human cognition, dedicating herself daily to fulfilling her purpose.


Effective Infrastructure and Placemaking  

Nestor Francisco Ruiz Miranda

Title of Poster: Architecture of an Oxxo
Artist: Nestor Francisco Ruiz Miranda
Artistic Statement: What he produced can be seen as an architectural manifestation akin to an OXXO—a compilation of precise writings that, ironically yet profoundly, draw parallels between the analogy of a convenience store and its role as an inspirational medium for the modern city of Tijuana, complete with efficient infrastructure.
About the artist(s): Néstor Francisco, a Mexican architect based in Tijuana, Baja California, graduated from the Technological Institute of Tijuana. With a diverse portfolio, he has participated in national architecture contests and contributed to lectures and classes at ELA (Escuela Libre de Arquitectura). Prior to founding his own studio, he played a pivotal role at Ikigai Holdings, directed by renowned architect Alfonso Medina, working on residential projects across cities like NYC, Denver, CDMX, and Tijuana. Growing up on the border between Tijuana and San Diego, Néstor developed a deep understanding of the socio-political dynamics reflected in architecture. His experiences instilled in him a commitment to honest and dignified architecture, transcending geographical and material limitations.


Ingrid Michelle Enriquez Cardel

Title of Poster: Mobility, Dignity and Ease
Artist(s): Ingrid Michelle Enriquez Cardel , Hannah Cristina Murrieta Yañez , Alondra Rodríguez Hernández , Andrea Jacqueline Vazquez Contreras
Artistic Statement: Our illustrated poster delves into the pedestrian experience in cities overwhelmed by vehicular traffic. Through our work, we aim to spotlight the hurdles pedestrians encounter in urban settings primarily tailored for cars. Using simple illustrations, we underscore a prevalent issue in Tijuana: a lack of infrastructure favoring automobiles over pedestrians. Consequently, citizens heavily rely on cars, including public transportation, which often fails to adequately serve the populace. Our objective is to spark contemplation on urban planning, advocating for prioritizing pedestrian needs. By portraying the clash between car-centric spaces and those for people, we hope to initiate discussions on reshaping our cities into more inclusive and accessible environments. We aspire for this poster to prompt viewers to reconsider urban mobility, championing the development of cities where walking is safe, convenient, and encouraged.
About the artist(s): A collective of Graphic Design students, aged between 20 and 21, from the ‘Autonomous University of Baja California, Valle de las Palmas’, are nearing graduation. Proficient in diverse creative domains such as illustration, editing, branding, marketing, and photography, they display unwavering dedication to their craft. Their commitment to excellence is evident in their pursuit of perfection in every project, aiming to refine their techniques continually. They firmly espouse the belief that ongoing learning is paramount in crafting designs accessible to all. Each endeavor is an opportunity for them to cultivate a distinctive style and convey a unique creative message. Embracing feedback as a catalyst for growth and improvement, they endeavor to evolve continuously. Ultimately, their passion for effective design is palpable in the results they produce, reflecting their deep-seated love for their craft.

Equity, Social Justice, Health & Wellbeing  

Daniel Alejandro Martinez Fernández

Title of Poster: Intertwined Fates
Artistic Statement: As young students from the outskirts of Tijuana, we are constantly reminded of our proximity to the border, prompting us to question why there isn’t a stronger sense of unity between us. This contemplation has sparked a desire to forge connections beyond the border, showcasing that despite our differences, we share similar aspirations and experiences. Our artwork embodies this notion by portraying two pieces that can be separated yet remain intrinsically linked, mirroring each other to convey the same message on both sides of the border. We aim to encourage viewers to reflect on their role within this diverse urban landscape and contemplate how we can bridge divides and foster greater understanding and solidarity.
About the artist(s):Daniel Alejandro Martínez Fernández, at 21, is a sixth-semester Graphic Design student at UABC Valle de las Palmas. Intrigued by transborder culture and geopolitics, he explores how regional geography and history shape individuals’ environments, aiming to integrate these themes into graphic design from a socio-cultural perspective. Helena Ayala, a student at UABC Valle de las Palmas, is in her twenties and currently pursuing the sixth semester of Graphic Design. She focuses on conceptualization, striving to generate impactful ideas suitable for specific contexts. Helena has showcased her work in various exhibitions organized by FCITEC. Alejandro Patiño, also in his sixth semester, studies Design at UABC Valle de las Palmas. He harbors a particular interest in illustration and editorial design, aiming to create projects that blend and balance elements from both fields, highlighting the mutual contributions of seemingly contrasting disciplines. Meztli A. Garcia, aged 20, is a sixth-semester Graphic Design student at UABC, specializing in the Faculty of Engineering and Technology Sciences. With a keen interest in using design to support society, Meztli advocates for the visibility of the graphic design community within FCITEC.


Marie Jernigan

Title of Poster: Foster Unity, Not Division
Artist(s): Marie Shirahama Jernigan
Artistic Statement: In ‘Foster Unity, Not Division,’ we harness the symbolism of numerology to inspire cohesion in a world often marred by division. The number 8, representing the year 2024, breaks down into the numbers 2 and 6, symbolized by the colors orange and indigo blue, respectively. Orange embodies acceptance, peace, and kindness, while indigo blue signifies sympathy, nurturing, and support. At the heart of the design lies a domino piece, carefully chosen for its dual symbolism. A single dot on the domino represents unity, while two dots denote division. This symbolism echoes the domino theory, illustrating that fostering unity can set off a chain reaction, inspiring others to champion harmony and togetherness. This poster transcends mere art; it serves as a call to action, urging viewers to embrace our differences and ignite a collective movement towards celebrating diversity.
About the artist(s): Marie Shirahama Jernigan, an emerging graphic designer, captivates viewers with her vibrant and colorful creations. Her artistic journey commenced in early childhood, blossoming into a deep-seated passion for visual aesthetics and graphic design. Renowned for her bold utilization of color and innovative incorporation of conceptual visuals and symbolism, each design is meticulously crafted to communicate profound messages.


The Environment 

Natalia González Del Palacio, Dhanna Paola Melendrez Pérez, Ghydiani Michelle Molina Pérez, Andrea Lizbeth Tenorio Dueñas

Title of Poster: The Human Nature

Artist(s): Natalia González Del Palacio, Dhanna Paola Melendrez Pérez, Ghydiani Michelle Molina Pérez, Andrea Lizbeth Tenorio Dueñas

Artistic Statement: This poster, crafted for the Design for the Environment category, portrays a body constructed entirely from garbage, symbolizing the decline of 21st-century society and its reluctance to confront the harsh reality of an increasingly polluted world. By treating the environment as our muse, we aim to shed light on the detrimental effects of humanity’s footprint on the planet.  Through this artwork, we offer a poignant critique, showcasing a striking figure amidst a mundane setting. An ordinary human form reveals a discomforting truth—crafted from the very refuse we often overlook in our daily lives. This portrayal goes beyond mere visual representation; it serves as a searing indictment of contemporary society’s apathy towards the environmental crisis engulfing us.  The construction of a body made from waste serves as a stark reminder that our world is inundated with what it does not need, driven by an insatiable desire for consumption. The true ‘garbage’ lies not merely in our material waste but in the moral decay of a society that consumes without conscience and pollutes without remorse.

About the artist(s): Natalia, a university student in Tijuana, Mexico, is pursuing a degree in Graphic Design. Her lifelong passion for art and creative expression fuels her aspiration to utilize graphic design as a catalyst for positive change, fostering a perpetual drive for innovation.

Ghydiani Molina, born in Mexico in 2003, discovered her artistic passion early on, despite possessing an analytical mind. With innate communication skills and a penchant for diverse artistic styles, she studies Graphic Design at the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC) while engaging in freelance work.

Dhanna, a Graphic Design student at UABC Valle de las Palmas University, hails from Tijuana B.C. Her thirst for knowledge and eagerness to apply new concepts drive her academic pursuits.  Andrea Lizbeth Tenorio Dueñas, a graphic designer from Tijuana, exhibited an early interest in arts, particularly design and technology, prompting her enrollment in a Graphic Design program at UABC. Her versatile style enables her to tackle diverse themes, infusing each creative endeavor with her distinctive flair.

Melanie Natalia De La Rosa Campos)

Title of Poster: Beyond Sustainability

Artist(s): Melanie Natalia De La Rosa Campos

Artistic Statement: Today, sustainable projects alone are insufficient; we require solutions imbued with a regenerative vision to tackle our pressing issues. Drawing inspiration from border beaches like Imperial Beach, where the water is so contaminated that contact poses health risks, we recognize the urgency of our environmental crises.  Amidst these challenges, the key lies in pinpointing and addressing critical areas with tailored solutions. By strategically directing our efforts, we can initiate a chain reaction that yields positive impacts on our environment. Let us strive for solutions that not only sustain but also regenerate, ensuring a healthier, more resilient planet for generations to come.

About the artist(s): Born in 2003, she is a creative individual driven by a relentless pursuit of knowledge and expression, aiming to make a positive impact in all her endeavors. Her passion for music serves as a gateway to connect with her, reflecting her deep appreciation for its influence and significance in her life.


Youth & Education 

Li Maren Pimienta Briseño

Title of Poster: Support Creativity

Artist(s):Li Maren Pimienta Briseño

Artistic Statement: When a young person begins to develop a love for design or art, becoming more than a hobby and wants to dedicate themselves to it, there tend to be prejudices about their future, questioning or doubting the success they will obtain and many times those who could have been great designers end up dropping out, even though they did not exploit their potential enough because they did not have support from those around them, making them doubt if that is really what they should do in the future or if they do not have enough tools and knowledge of graphic design and arts in their area, even being far away of its reach. Limiting and discouraging them, thus killing creativity from a very early age. That is why the theme of this poster is to raise awareness so that future generations do not discourage the following designers and artists, and it is better to support them so they can grow.

About the artist(s):A Tijuana-based graphic designer, she draws inspiration from artists both domestic and international. Growing up with a fervent passion for art and drawing, she cultivated her skills from childhood, often found immersed in creative pursuits. Exposure to children’s television programs sparked her initial curiosity about art, while the advent of the internet and social media further expanded her horizons, facilitating exploration of both digital and traditional art forms.  Her artistic journey is characterized by a blend of realism and romanticism, reflecting her belief that artists perceive the world’s beauty while remaining grounded in reality. This perspective drives her to convey heartfelt messages through her art, whether manifested on paper or in digital formats.


Ania Carolina Medina Ruiz

Title of Poster: Education – Right or Privilege?

Artist(s): Ania Carolina Medina Ruiz

Artistic Statement: The intention of this poster is to prompt viewers to acknowledge the stark reality that not all young individuals enjoy the privilege of receiving a quality education, despite education being a fundamental human right. Even in contemporary times, children of varying ages are compelled to work to afford basic school necessities, such as supplies and registration fees, or to contribute to their family’s financial stability. For far too many, education remains a privilege rather than an inherent right.

About the artist(s): Born in 2000 in Tijuana, Baja California, Ania Carolina has harbored a lifelong interest in illustration and design. Despite lacking formal training, her passion was ignited during high school, where she found herself surrounded by like-minded individuals, including America Yazmin and Nina Margarita, whose exceptional dedication to drawing continues to inspire her.  Currently pursuing studies in Graphic Design, she finds fulfillment in this creative pursuit, despite its structured nature compared to fine arts. This journey reflects her unwavering love for design and art, cultivated through personal experiences and the influence of their peers.

Science & Technology

Aiyana Grenda

Title of Poster: Digital Addiction

Artist(s): Aiyana Grenda

Artistic Statement:I crafted this piece with the aim of shedding light on the growing issue of digital dependency. In an era marked by unprecedented technological advancements, our society has become increasingly attached, addicted, and reliant on digital devices. Research indicates a myriad of concerns stemming from this dependency, mirroring the effects often associated with substance abuse.

About the artist(s): Aiyana is a current student at San Diego State University, she is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Architecture. With a fervent passion for the arts, she remains deeply committed to expanding her knowledge and honing her skills in the field. Her dedication to her craft is evident in her unwavering enthusiasm for learning and her diligent approach to her work.


Jorge Gerardo

Title of Poster: Theseus Ship

Artist(s): Jorge Emanuel Gerardo Enriquez & Julie Miller

Artistic Statement: This piece is supposed to explore the intersection of technology and humanity. Celebrates the resilience of individuals empowered by prosthetic arms, seamlessly integrating with society’s rhythm and embracing new beginnings.

About the artist(s): Jorge, a visual artist and designer hailing from Sinaloa, is presently situated in San Diego. His artistic vision embodies a blend of humanity and simplicity, reflecting the complexities of a dynamic world. Drawing from pop culture and contemporary trends, his creations emphasize collaboration and adaptation in an ever-changing landscape.  Julie, a San Diego-based artist, specializes in ceramics, analogue, and digital art forms. Through her diverse mediums, she encapsulates themes of vibrant playfulness and whimsical drama, evoking nostalgic emotions and retelling stories reminiscent of childhood fantasies.


Support the Unhoused  

Darby Bell

Title of Poster: What is a Home?

Artist(s): Darby Bell

Artistic Statement: a box, a street bench, or a tent are not homes. It emphasizes the fundamental belief that everyone deserves a proper home—a place with four walls and a roof to provide shelter, safety, and dignity.

About the artist(s): Darby Bell is an aspiring fourth-year student at San Diego State University, pursuing a degree in Interior Architecture with a minor in Business Administration. With a lifelong passion for art and creativity, Darby’s upbringing in Newport Beach, California, instilled in them a profound appreciation for the natural world and outdoor spaces. Their artistry draws inspiration from personal experiences, surroundings, and the broader environment.  Through their artistic endeavors, Darby endeavors to provoke contemplation and foster a deeper understanding of the world. They aspire to leverage their skills as an interior designer to create spaces that cultivate connection and evoke a sense of harmony.


Title of Poster:< Unknown Souls

Artist(s):Manuel Antonio Varela Marquez

Artistic Statement:In this poster, the pointillist technique serves as a canvas of social conscience, evoking the rough textures of the streets where the solitary figure walking from above becomes a poignant symbol of the anonymity endured by the homeless. Her silhouette, resembling a crumpled white sheet, serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerability and fragility of their existence. The text ‘And now where will I sleep?’ echoes their daily anguish, highlighting the struggle to find a safe place to rest.  Through this portrayal, we aim to remind viewers that these individuals are as human as you and me, with dreams and basic needs, yet often overlooked in our daily lives. It’s time to recognize their humanity and take concrete steps to address the crisis of homelessness.

About the artist(s):Antonio Márquez is a graphic designer with a profound expertise in user experience (UX), originating from the vibrant city of Tijuana, situated at the southernmost tip of Latin America. His multidisciplinary approach integrates design, arts, and marketing, yielding creations that not only captivate visually but also narrate stories and evoke enduring emotions.  Antonio advocates for innovation and originality in design, perpetually integrating novel ideas and techniques into his work. This exhibition serves as a platform for him to share his creative vision with the design community, encouraging them to craft their own color palettes rooted in their respective fields of expertise. Here, art and functionality converge to forge meaningful and timeless experiences.


Re-Imagine the Border

Martha F.

Title of Poster: Designing Bridges, Not Barriers.

Artist(s): Martha Paola Farias Salcedo

Artistic Statement: This poster presents an innovative and hopeful vision of the border between San Diego and Tijuana, emphasizing the crucial role of design in bridging divides and nurturing cooperation. It underscores the idea of constructing bridges, both physical and metaphorical, to promote integration, collaboration, and mutual understanding between the two communities.  The poster aims to inspire the audience to envision a future where the border serves as a symbol of unity and opportunity, rather than division and conflict. By highlighting the transformative potential of design, it encourages viewers to imagine a world where boundaries blur and connections flourish, fostering a sense of shared humanity and collective progress.

About the artist(s): Martha Farias, a diligent student at CEDIM | The School of Design, is deeply passionate about creativity and visual storytelling. Pursuing her Graphic Design degree, she approaches design challenges with meticulous attention to detail and a problem-solving mindset. Martha consistently seeks avenues to enhance her skills, embracing both academic coursework and personal projects as opportunities for growth.  Infusing her work with a distinctive perspective and her own personality, Martha aspires to craft designs that leave a lasting impact and resonate with audiences. With a keen eye for excellence, she looks forward to leveraging her talents to make a meaningful difference in the world through her design endeavors.




As you explore the exhibition, we invite you to reflect on the themes and messages conveyed by these posters. Let them inspire you to take action in your own communities.Together, let’s build a better future where everyone is seen, heard, and valued, where sustainability and inclusivity are not just ideals but lived realities.