Somos La Voz: A Celebration of Chicano and Mexican Youth Activism, Art, and Cultural Legacy in San Diego

Where and When

Sat, 30 Mar 2024


Barrio Logan, San Diego



Join us for a celebration of Chicano and Mexican youth activism and art! In this live, free, pop-up event in Chicano Park, we will showcase the energy and art of Somos La Voz, an art education program for Chicano and Mexican youth in Barrio Logan. Organized by nonprofit organization Via International, in partnership with local Chicano and Mexican teaching artists, Somos La Voz will connect youth with their unique cultural legacy and bring this legacy to the general public of San Diego and Tijuana through a series of free pop-up events. Join us on this exciting journey through the rich Chicano and Mexican cultural legacy of the region. Art mediums on display may include mural art, graffiti art, pinstriping, Latin fusión music, Mexican folk music, Aztec dance, and more.

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