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World Design Organization (WDO)® is a globally recognized non-governmental organization that aims to promote and advance the discipline of industrial design and its power to enhance economic, social, cultural and environmental quality of life.


Founded in 1957, WDO services over 200 member organizations around the world, engaging thousands of individual designers through its innovative programming and initiatives that champion “design for a better world.”

Design shapes everything around us — the neighborhoods we live in, the lightbulbs we switch on at night, the buses we ride — but that’s not all.

It is a creative and unifying force that brings together everyday people, cutting-edge technology, the latest research and businesses to imagine solutions to the challenges our communities face, from climate change to housing access and beyond.

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WDC Helsinki

WDO and
World Design Capital 2024

WDO has been a driving force of international bridge-building ever since its founding. This includes the World Design Capital program, which showcases how cities use design to reinvent themselves and improve their residents’ lives.

WDO supports every World Design Capital city with developing a year-long program of events, laying the foundation for a long-term design legacy.

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Through its rigorous review process, WDO has been awarding the prestigious biennial World Design Capital designation to cities since 2008.

Valencia, Spain


Lille Metropole, France


Mexico City, Mexico



Taipei, Taiwan

Cape Town, South Africa



Helsinki, Finland

Seoul, South Korea



Torino, Italy