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Limitless: The Funky Forum on Design + Accessibility

Where and When

Thu, 22 Feb 2024 • 5:30 pm


UCSD Design Lab, Room 208, La Jolla, CA 92093


WDC 2024 Program

Limitless – The funky forum on the intersection of design and accessibility. We invite  you to a celebration of creativity and the power of inclusive design with special guest speaker Emiliano Gonzalez.

About Emiliano Gonzalez

Emiliano Gonzalez

Founder and CEO of Project Anda. Emiliano was born in Mexico City, and lives in Tijuana. He had an accident in 2018 that caused a spinal cord injury at the cervical level. Emiliano is a tea sommelier, and enjoys cumbia and funk music. He believes in creating a society where everyone can participate and promoting the development and inclusion of people with disabilities through various projects. His goal is to inspire an active, healthy, and happy life by fostering different experiences within a shared space.

Hosted by WDC 2024 Club & UCSD Design Lab