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Poetic Justice is a community within and beyond women’s prisons and jails, working alongside one another with a shared belief in the power of self-expression to change lives. Voices on the Inside, funded by the NEA and the California Arts Council, is a Poetic Justice photography and poetry program in collaboration with photographer Lisa Loftus that brings together incarcerated members of our community from California, Oklahoma, and Tijuana.

Voices on the Inside unites our community with a multi-modal art exhibition, free to the public, rooted in the urgent need for a collaborative solution to amending punitive approaches to incarceration and increasing rehabilitation and healing. This exhibition offers an innovative and constructive approach to transforming prisons and jails by acknowledging and listening to those who are surviving incarceration. By bringing together communities for the purpose of dialogue, bridging differences, healing from harm together, and witnessing the humanity behind each individual, Poetic Justice hopes to make real change in the lives of incarcerated women.