Arts & Culture

What if youth designed our city?   Do you have an idea for a PUBLIC SPACE, STRUCTURE, PUBLIC ART, or MONUMENT that addresses cultural inclusion, climate change, sustainability, or environmental justice?  Submit your idea! Any youth is welcome to participate!  No design or drawing background needed. We will ask an AI named “Cousin” to turn your idea into a visual project proposal.   The top 100 ideas will be drawn by Cousin, and displayed as posters in libraries, schools, and community centers around the city.  20 youth will be invited as finalists for a one-day Design Workshop in August to work with Cousin to further improve their designs.  We will contact winners in August 2024.  “Speculative” means you can imagine something that may not be possible now, but can be possible in a future city.  Think outside the box!    

For Submissions and More Information: